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"We use a production process which is unique in the entire world. It is a combination of wet grinding followed by refining" The result: high degrees of brightness and white as well as extreme purity.

For industrial use, barium sulfate must be separated from accessory minerals and inherent contaminations in laborious processing steps. For this purpose, the raw materials mix is crushed and ground in a wet grinding procedure which is unique in the whole world for barium sulfate. In the subsequent post-treatment, the undesired associated material is separated. The end product: pure white barium sulfate particles with consistent top quality. The surfaces can be adjusted to customers’ needs in a flexible manner.

Typical characteristics of Gemme White products: Extremely high brightness. Acid resistance. Very low electrical conductivity. Requires only few binding agents in customer formulae. Low abrasiveness, resulting in considerably reduced maintenance costs for the machines used by the customers in their production. Increase in covering power for varnishes as well as partial replacement of white pigments, leading to an improvement in the competitive positions of the customers.

The alternative for precipitated barium sulphate. Barytes combine excellent dispersability with low binder absorption. They offer formulators high whiteness and chemical inertness, making them ideal for powder coatings, industrial coatings and primer applications, where their inertness is useful under industrial or corrosive environments. They offer high durability and brightness in exterior architectural paints and promote a smooth even surface in exterior powder coatings, where they are widely used to control the gloss level, from high gloss, to matting applications. Due to low quartz content, barytes are non-abrasive in nature.

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