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Gemme Micron are a surface treated barium sulfate ultra-fine products manufactured using a proprietary process by coating particles SiO2 and Al2O3.

They exhibits surface properties similar to surface coated TiO2 to improve film properties such as abrasiveness gloss and hardness, Gemme Micron products are highly dispersible pigments that are chemically and physically inert, They promote superior dispersibility of pigments in coatings and inks or automotive surfacer and topcoats.

Tio2 is used as a white pigment due to its light refraction and scattering properties. Used on its own TiO2 particles are usually not able to be completely dispersed, they will aggregate together to make the scattering rate and hiding capability decrease, which makes TiO2 aggregation a huge waste. The average particle size of Gemme Micron submicron barium sulfate is about 0.5μm, which is twice of that of TiO2 particles (The average particle size is 0.3μm or so), Adding Gemme Micron submicron barium sulfate, its mesoscopic fine crystal particles can separate the aggregated TiO2 particles, and with enough surface atomicity, each particle of submicron barium sulfate can absorb 2-3 particles of TiO2 around and Gemme Micron submicron barium sulfate has an optimum particle size to efficient space, and the dispersion of TiO2. Therefore Gemme Micron submicron barium sulfate will bring the best value of money for you.

Characteristics of Gemme Micron products

High affinity with binder due to SiO2 and Al2O3 surface treatment

Dispersibility similar to TiO2

Encapsulates pigment particles to maximize color intensity

Improves printability

Thixotropic properties without lowering gloss

Haze-free gloss and highly leveling film by superfilling effect

Gemme Micron B-35 have a excellent affinity with water-borne resins

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